Poppy Seed Information

Poppy Seeds Varieties and uses
We all know how beautiful the poppy flowers is. Nothing is more inspiring than to see beautiful poppies blooming in the early mist of spring. These delicate Poppy flowers only last between 4-10 days before the petals fall off and it begins the process to re seed. Although many of these variates are available in your area please check with the appropriate local authorities before planting them!
Lady Bird Flanders Poppy-
The original Flanders poppy. Ladybird is the British term for ladybug and an appropriate description of these poppies. Stunning, shiny single blooms of bright crimson with a black blotch. Showy 3 inch flowers on long wiry stems. Height 18 inches.
Orientale Scarlet Poppy-
One of the showiest and longest lasting garden perennials. Hardy plants with fern-like foliage produce many huge, brilliant and spectacular blooms during May and June. Plants are best grown with late-appearing plants that fill in during late summer when the poppy foliage dies down.
San Remo Poppy-
Very large flowers of pastel colors on strong stems, wonderful for cut flowers, in colors ranging from pastel pink, yellow to orange
Turkish Tulip Poppy-
The huge, single, stained-glass red flowers of this rare Turkish poppy are a delight, and so is the rest of the plant - a bushy, 3' tall and 3' wide thing. An added bonus are the buds - large, smooth, and raindrop shaped on curved stems look really neat sprinkled throughout the foliage.
Beauty of Livermere Poppy-
This one is for lovers of deep red flowers. Aquilegia chrysantha is an outstanding companion plant, with its strong yellow blossoms and vigorous habit. These poppies go dormant in summer, so mix them into perennial beds with other tall growing perennials to cover up the browning foliage.
Coral Reef Poppy-
A very sturdy Poppy with petals matching the same pink as healthy coral reefs. This variety is an Orientale and grows well in a variety of regions and climates.
Double Black Flowered Peony Poppy-
Beautiful, deep Purple, ruffled, showy petals. These poppies are very showy and decorative. The petals are so deep purple that in the right light they almost look black.
Hens and Chick Peony Poppy-
The “Hens and Chicks” Poppy has large, lilac flowers. Extremely decorative in dried flower arrangements. Papaver Somniferum variety.
Double Tangerine Gem Poppy-
Poppy 'Double Tangerine Gem' is similar to the Double Atlas Poppy. They both bloom the first year from seed, but Double Tangerine Gem is a little shorter. Also known as Spanish Poppy. Beautiful showy Tangerine petals!
Bread Seed Poppy-
Also known as Papaver Somniferum or opium poppy this is a generic term used for may poppy pod and poppies variates.
Blue Satin Poppy-
Not a true Poppy but due to the resemblance of many Papaver Somniferum varieties it has adopted the name. Beautiful Papery, almost translucent blue petals. Difficult to grow at low altitudes. A proven show winner.
Silky California Poppy-
The California state flower, showy Orange petals, a low lying bushy Poppy. Native species to California.
This is a very short list of the 1000's of varieties available. We took the time to list a few of our favorites. Many of the Poppies listed here can be turned into dried poppy heads after you enjoy their showy blooms.
Flower arrangements really can be set apart from the pack with just a few long stemmed poppy pods. In our opinion Autumn is the best time to show off Poppy decorations. There is something about the shape and color that just screams HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite time of year. We make "Dia de los Muertos" figurines out of the dried poppy heads. A light coat of orange paint and you could create mini "royal" poppy pod Jack-o-Lanterns" What makes them royal? The naturally occurring poppy pod crown!
We really do think these beautiful poppy pods are the "King of Flowers"~