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Daily shipping will begin for 12, 50 & 25 count dried, long-stemmed, poppy pods bouquets this Tuesday. 

For those of you who ordered from the pre-sale your order will contain all large pods and will ship beginning Friday, 7/25.

Long Stemmed Dried Poppy Pods

Buy Poppy Pods and Poppies from Arizona's most trusted vendor. We receive these dried poppy pod cases direct from certified farms. These dried Poppies are chock full of seeds, in stock, and ready buy! To ensure the quality of our poppy pods-dried poppies is great and the count is right, our dried Poppies are hand sorted, picked fresh, and lovingly dried.
Papaver pods are perfect for making wreaths, displays, or even dolls! We pack with short stems to keep the freight costs low. Typical Poppy Pods and poppies come on lengthy stems which are trimmed to avoid shipping charges for bulky box dimensions. Wire stem lengtheners can be purchased at your local craft store for around a dollar, they look very realistic and may even hold up longer than the natural dried long stem poppies. Buy some Poppy Pods online today and get to work on crafting those poppies!
Please understand each and every case of Poppy Pods we receive is unique. The poppy pods and poppies we stock, which do come to us farm direct, are grown with organic principles in mind. The factors which go into growing and drying these Poppies is great, with a lot depending on the weather, but mostly on the techniques used to dry these poppies. We do try our darndest to make sure each and every order of our "American Grown" Poppy Pods and Dried Poppies is consistent and we ship 'em as fast as we get 'em!
www.morpoppy.com is a 100% American company. Our Poppy Pods and Poppies are 100% American grown, and we have one company, based right here in the good old USA. MorPoppy was started with American ideals in mind; hard work, service, and determination. All of our quality Poppy Pods and Poppies are grown right here in the US. Every sale we make eventually trickles down to American farms and Farmers.
Buy from MorPoppy, Buy American!

Thank You Kindly!


Daily shipping beginning this Tuesday Dried Poppy Pods on long stems

Craft News

All of the poppy pods and poppies on our site can be used for a variety of crafts and dried floral arrangements. We hand sort all of our poppy pods here at morpoppy because we want your art projects to look great! Who wants to a display a wreath or an arrangement with black moldy spots all over the poppies? Not us, we take pride in hand sorting each and every order because we know you take pride in displaying your work!


At this time we do not offer international shipping.

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